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Tips for New Social Casino Players

You will lose at slots. 90 percent of players do. It doesn’t even matter how many free coins you get daily from the casino. It’s just the way it goes.

Don’t worry about it.

Better yet, understand that poor results will come from lack of experience, expect failure, embrace it, and learn from your mistakes.

That’s my condensed advice to all new social casino players. Below you will find in-depth tips for new social casino players. These tips should be applicable at most casinos, but if you have any questions, contact me.

Notice Bonus Coin Opportunities

It sounds pretty straightforward, but I’ve seen many casinos implement different methods of rewarding players.

Here are just some of them:

  • Daily coin bonuses

Daily coin bonusesCasinos will want to you develop a habit of opening the app every day. don’t be surprised if most of your bonus coins come from these daily bonuses.

Almost every casino will apply special multipliers if you come back for several days in a row.

  • Time-restricted bonuses

Some free coins bonuses reset every half hour. Elsewhere you will find hourly bonuses, two-hour bonuses. The most I’ve seen was four hours. Still, if you time it right, you can 4-5 of these bonuses every day.  Multiply the bonus amount by seven days and those hourly bonuses won’t look that bad.

  • Free Coins via Ads

Not as popular as hourly bonuses, but still a good way to earn extra coins. You will be offered to watch and ad and, as a bonus, double your daily jackpot or a big win you hit on slots.

  • Social media and Sharing

‘Connect your Facebook account and Earn Free Coins’ may be one of popular ways among casinos. Whether to use them or not is completely up to you.

Limit Your Bets

Around 50 percent of casinos I’ve played at would max the bet as I unlock new bet levels. That’s something you have to actively follow and control to wagers your bankroll does allow.

You don’t want to bet 1 million per spin with 20 million coins in the bankroll. And that’s my other point.


BankrollSame bankroll rules apply to real money gambling as they do to social casinos. It must act as a cushion for times when Lady Luck turns her backside to you.

Certainly, it is NOT an amount you should look to throw away. Not at a real casino and not at a social casino.

The point is to grow your bankroll, not spend it.

Play as Little as Possible

You should be trying new slots all the time. If a machine does not pay, just quit. It doesn’t owe you anything. I’ve witnessed, (OK, experienced) moments of total bankroll collapse just because sticking to a slot that ‘should soon give out a big payout’.

Spoiler alert: it probably won’t.

Instead, you should find yourself another slot machine and see whether you get any better payout than you had before.

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