Do you have to be professional to participate in casino tournaments?

Yes. And no.

We know, we know. We hate answering this way ourselves. But there is a reason why we have to. So, to answer briefly, if you want to play casino tournaments without being a professional, you can. You certainly can.

But the opportunities that will present to you will be relative to the size of your bankroll.

Casino tournaments – short introduction


If you are a casino player, you might have seen some games have certain times on them when you hover over. Like 20:00 – 22:00. This is the time when the casino tournament starts.

It has nothing to do with poker tournaments you’ve played in a casino. Here you play a dedicated game, for a certain period of time and compete with other players. The game can be any slots or table game. Or even a set of games.

Why you SHOULD be a professional, is because these casino tournaments have significant prizes. Some offer €1000 to the winner. Understandably, a lot of high rollers players come to compete. It’s very hard to outbid them.

But, you may look at other opportunities that may be worth your while.

Free casino tournaments

Casinos understand that if high rollers see the appeal of competing against each other, so will the beginners. So, some create tournaments for players who don’t have big bankrolls.

1. Low prize pool Casino tournaments

These are the same kind of tournaments like we talked about before. Only difference is, the prizepool goes from €1000 to €50. Pros won’t bother, and beginners get to enjoy games with decent opportunities of winning.

2. Best Streak Casino tournaments

As the name suggests, this is something completely different. Instead of trying to outbid, you are going for out-win. Usually, in a streak of 20 consecutive spins. These tournaments are often seen only on slots but they completely change the dynamic. If you are lucky, 20 spins may be enough. Along with the slots win, you also win the tournament.

3. Freeroll Casino Tournaments

Keep in mind, this is only an occasional promotion you will see during the holidays or special occasions. But it does what it says. It’s free. You can spin on play money slots, make a screenshot of your win and submit your entry for the tournament. Here usually the multiplier counts rather than the sum won. So, €20 won on 0.10 per spin slot will count more than €50 on €1 slots.

There you go. If you aren’t a professional or simply a very rich person, you can still enjoy the competitive side of the casino tournaments. Less often but you can.

You know what, let’s make a deal. You can save this article in your bookmarks while we will keep an eye out for these sort of casino tournaments. As soon as we see anything worthy your attention, we will let you know. How does that sound?

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