Lucky Lady’s Charm: Should You Come Back to This Classic?

We love classic Slots. It’s something about them that keeps us coming back. And sure, the visuals are not the latest, and features are not as hot as you experience.

Despite all these minor shortcomings, Slots like Lucky Lady’s Charm are a part of history. Playing often brings back some nice memories.

If you are new to online Slots, Lucky Lady can easily be an unheard name for you. In that case, we have something very exciting to show you.

The Charming Lucky Lady

Back in a day, Slots where made for brick and mortar Casinos. Once everything started coming online, players demanded their beloved Slots at the new online Casinos.

Casinos were all up for it.

As a result, classics like Book of Ra and Lucky Lady’s Charm (incidentally, both developed by Novomatic) were among the first Slots to come online.

What Players Must Know About Lucky Lady’s Charm

Nostalgia is often a reason why we choose to play Slots like Lucky Lady’s Charm. But it shouldn’t cloud our judgment.

Our decisions should only be determined by our bankrolls and game details.

Here’ how it works.

Lucky Lady is a 10 payline Slot, which you can configure. You can play any number of lines (each line $0.04 to play). Which means that 10 paylines would result in 40 cents per spin.

On another hand, theoretical return to play ratio is over 95 percent. It’s always a good sign. However, it would not be hard to find Slots with better payouts.

Based on this information, this is not a beginner’s Slot (if you have a small bankroll or want to play all 10 lines).

How to play The Lucky Lady’s Charm

The setup is pretty basic. You have 6 standard symbols (9s through Aces), a couple of luck symbols, a Scatter and a Wild.

But the way it worked was actually a novelty.

For instance, up until Lucky Lady, you would have to collect three symbols to have a winning combination. In Lucky Lady, two 9s will work as a winning combo.

Plus, Kings and Aces work as multipliers.

The Scatter works traditionally. You need three of them anywhere on the reels to hit the bonus round. In Lucky Lady’s Charm, bonus round meant 15 free spins.

Lastly, there is the legendary Gamble feature. Which allows you to multiply your wins in a 50/50 card game.

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