free pokecoins no human verification

Best Ways to Get free PokéCoins no human verification

Pokémon Go blew up overnight. It was free and new. Like anything, the number of players has dropped since the launch but there are still new players coming into the game.

And they all have the same question:

How can I get free PokéCoins?

Below I will show you a guaranteed to way to earn free PokéCoins. I’ll also explain what’s the matter with no human verification coins. Let’s get started.

Legit ways of Earing Free PokéCoins

By far the best way to earn free PokéCoins is by taking over a gym. Though, don’t confuse it with Poké stops. Gyms are scattered across the world and are owned by one of the Pokémon teams. Gyms are defended by a Pokémon.

Every gym owner earns 1 PokéCoin per 10 minutes with up to 50 per day. Despite drawbacks, this is still the fastest way of earning PokéCoins free.

As far as less-popular methods, of acquiring free PokéCoins, you can get some even without human verification.

Free PokéCoins and No Human Verification

The subtitle itself says it all.

But first, let’s look at this from further back. Why would anyone need free PokéCoins with no human verification?
PokéCoins, of course, is the in-game currency which you either buy or earn. Getting it from free means some kind of a shortcut.

The ‘No human verification’ part is much more important. Simply because if there is no verification, it can be repeated. So, you could even change ‘PokéCoins – No Human Verification’ to ‘Endless free PokéCoins’.

And that’s where you run into troubles. Any way that gives endless PokéCoins will be hunted down by Niantic (the developers of the app).
This produces two problems. One, a high rise in scams and short lifespan of any legit ways.

As long as there is a demand, scams will run wild like the Pokémon. The real question is how to find working PokéCoin hacks before they are shutdown.

  1. free pokecoinsForget mainstream. If you find a coin video on YouTube, there is a 99 percent chance that the hack does not work.
  2. Code generators can work (‘can’ being the key word). Find a generator that is being updated. Even if it’s blocked at that moment, at some point there will be a working version.
  3. Don’t rush trying new promo codes. Make sure that the hack has worked for others first.