100 free spins starburst no deposit

100 Free Spins Starburst (No Deposit). Yes, Really!

There is no other slot machine like Starburst. It’s doubtful that back in the day even NetEnt knew what kind of a hit they are releasing. A decade in, Starburst is world most popular slot machine among a diverse range of players.


It’s not that special. It doesn’t appear to be. Ten pay lines, no extravagant extra features. 10c minimum. So, what is NetEnt’s Starburst secret?

The answer is actually much more interesting.

Self-fulfilling Starburst Prophecy

You could easily call Starburst a self-sustaining slot machine. It’s like it couldn’t fail.

It was good enough to raise interest. Players started searching for Starburst free spins. Casinos reacted by competing among each other with their own Starburst offer.

There is no other slot that has been able to raise casino competition to this kind of a level.

At first, it was “10 Spins no deposit!”. Then 20. Then 50. Now 100 Starburst free spins (no deposit, no less) is a real possibility.

Considering it’s Starburst, it maybe the best slots offer ever.

  • Starburst offers high return to player
  • Starburst is low variance
  • Frequent respins via a Rainbow feature
  • Wins count from left to right AND from right to left.

Play Starburst for Free

Starburst for FreeIt’s crazy, and remarkable, and head-spinning. All of that what Starburst became. It’s such a simple slot. Though, you do get to count your wins both ways.

So, if you would like to play Starburst for free, start looking. The offers are certainly there. Not everything you will come across will produce 100 free spins, but have patience and stay positive. Two online casinos with 25 no deposit free spins add up to nice 50 free spins.
An offer or two more and you will have your sweet 100 in no time.

But here’s an important note to remember: no all free spins are equal. Most 100 free spins starburst no deposit offers will be valued at the minimum, 10 cents per spin. But when you find more modest offers, say 15 free spins or 25, check their value.

Some casinos will offer a smaller number of spins but may raise the value even up to $2 per spin. So, even 10 free spins would offer twice the value of 100 free spins at the minimum rate.

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